Cafe & Hospitality

We all love a great cafe not just for the coffee but because it’s apart of our community. When we head to New York or Melbourne we just love the characters who own small boutique cafes - the Mario and Vinnies of this world who learn your name and exactly how you like your coffee on the way to work. You know what we are talking about. Whilst it may seem strange but cafes and those in hospitality rely heavily on sound public policy. Wages and penalty rates all take a toll and then there are the big ticket items like planning. Let’s take a look at what works, and what doesn’t work and how policy makers can deliver better decisions and outcomes for cafe owners.


Cafes and Canberra - when planning goes wrong

Canberra is arguably the most centrally planned capital city in the world and yet has some of the worst planning policies when it comes to SMEs and specifically cafes. CLICK

80 retail outlets vacant on Oxford St Sydney

Four years ago SMEA was commissioned by a Sydney Councillor to undertake a economic and planning feasibility of Oxford St in Sydney. At the time 80+ retail outlets laid vacant and it was a real concern. The solution was simple: treat SMEs as the heart of the solution and planning process.


ORDERBOOM is a ridiculously fast purchase ordering APP for any business. We implemented the ORDERBOOM platform at the National Zoo & Aquarium as well as across the Jamala Wildlife Lodge. ORDERBOOM therefore covers all at the same time purchasing functions for veterinary supplies, maintenance, 5-star restaurants, bistro, merchandise and housekeeping delivering tens of thousands of dollars of savings per annum. Loading thousands of items and suppliers onto ORDERBOOM is so simple, yet so effective that SMEA is not taking ORDERBOOM global.

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