We started supporting small and medium businesses 12 years ago with one fundamental question: “…is that decision in the best interests of SMEs? Unleash your potential.”


Farmers are really up against it but the Ag sector has an incredibly positive future. The policy environment though must embrace innovation, creativity and marry policy strategy with global opportunities.


Manufacturing is the heart of the SME sector supporting local communities and creating genuine economic prosperity. We’ve dropped the policy ball though in so many ways, so what needs to change?


When we work with the biggest private equity firms in the world the number one piece of advice they gives us is that Australia risks lagging behind. To keep up with the pack requires sound policy.


Similar to the fishing sector we are losing generations of forestry knowledge and family run businesses all because we have failed to adequately address what it means to be sustainable.


Cafe’s are crucial to the fabric of our communities and rely heavily on good planning policy. A vibrant cafe scene just doesn’t happen, it needs thought and many local governments get it wrong.


Banking, finance and associated professions are pivotal, yet still refuse to listen to SMEs? Those who embrace the SME sector will have a distinct competitive advantage and we know how.


One of the great aspects of the New Zealand SME sector is the amount of micro businesses across food and beverage killing it on the global stage. It’s exciting, vibrant and profitable.


Recreational fishing, MTB, boating, jetski riding, hunting, camping and dirt bikes all have one thing in common - they support SMEs and are loved by families to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

commercial fishing

Without doubt the most regulated primary production sector in Australia and yet we are losing small cottage based fishing businesses and families - SMEs - almost daily.   


For nearly 12 years now we’ve been highly critical of Government policy when it comes to supporting SMEs exploring global markets. What can we learn from other countries who provide SMEs free advice?


Renewable energy is the future and driven largely by SMEs - so why is policy lagging so far behind? The disjointed nature of federalism doesn’t help so what does real renewable energy policy reform look like?


SMEs are the life blood of our country towns but have suffered from poor planning and regional development policy. Why have we dropped the ball on rural Australia and what are the solutions?

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