SMEA is a boutique change management and consulting company focussed on strategically supporting and working with business owners to manage evolution and achieve excellence.

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Change management for us isn't a negative process focussed on 'fixing problems'. It is about managing change as it relates to growth and the evolution of your business towards bigger and better outcomes.

Global focus

SMEA is locally driven with a global focus. Whilst we appreciate global isn't for every business, we can and do learn a great deal from having a global perspective, especially when it comes to change management.


The policy cycle and the decisions policy makers implement, affect businesses on a daily basis. Analysing the policy cycle is no different to analysing the market - those who do it secure a strategic advantage.   

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SMEA’s flag ship offering is the establishment of independent non-executive advisory panels (board) for SMEs of any size. We don’t buy the one consultant has all the answers argument. Modern business is complex and you deserve a team of specialists tailored to your business and strategic direction. Our model delivers all of the above and more, for the same price many sole mid-tier consultants charge. CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE


Our Advanced Customer Focus (ACF) program delivered $215M of new business in 10 weeks, for a tier 1 Australian bank by working with and listening to, 500 SMEs. Instead of adopting the strategy the bank continued to FLOG PRODUCT to SMEs that frankly they didn’t need nor want. Today they have been exposed for their poor strategy toward customers with the Banking Royal Commission stating: “Banks and other financial institutions have put profits before people, greed has been the motive as short-term profits have been pursued at the expense of basic standards of honesty. Too often simply selling products has become the sole focus of attention.”

Have a read of the short version of our program. If you like what you see, contact us for a full version. CLICK FOR A SUMMARY VERSION OF THE PROGRAM

A boutique offering


We travel the world building businesses & companies. The concept of 'boutique' relates to the quality of service we provide. We deliver unparalleled outcomes that few can match.



Boutique is price point


We could charge the fees of a tier 1 consulting firm but we choose not to. Tier 1 firms have serious overheads and senior partner salaries to justify. Alternatively we run a lean and efficient operation and choose to deliver a far superior, agile and more personalised service at a price point that makes sense to our clients.


Boutique is evolution


Change management for us isn't about just 'fixing problems' it's about managing evolution. Modern businesses who constantly evolve and manage that process well, succeed.


Boutique is flexibility


In our space a team delivers excellence, not individuals. That's why we mix and match our teams to suit you, our client. No one person within SMEA has all the answers so if delivering positive change for you means we need a specialist, then we ensure they are on the team.