History behind SMEA.


SMEA, developed by CEO Dean Logan in 2009, quickly became one of the most progressive platforms in Australia for small and medium sized firms. Delivering a vast suite of specialised services to SMEs and being a preferred partner of the likes of the National Stock Exchange of Australia. SMEA had it’s own general and business insurance platform and was licensed with the Oracle Group, delivering savings on insurance premiums for SMEs to the tune of $11,700 over two-years on premium alone. In 2017, the decision was made to sell the insurance division and for SMEA to morph, as a brand, into an entirely new entity. Today SMEA reaches a conservative 15,000 SMEs and takes all that knowledge, experience and renewed vibrancy to deliver an unparalleled offering and voice to hard working Australian SMEs of any size. Some of the articles and news agencies who have asked us for support or information are below.



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Fremantle Sailing Club

In 2018 CEO of SMEA was asked to take over the Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC) as the interim General Manager. The FSC is recognised as the largest and wealthiest sailing club in Australia, yet had been through a very difficult period evidenced by a raft of issues surrounding corporate governance, HR, revenue, external third party engagement and overall lack of corporate strategy. The goal was to work with the Board to settle the organisation down and rebuild confidence with members. Key to this was establishing renewed processes in and around HR, addressing a raft of fair work commission and staffing concerns, addressing out-dated accounting software, implementing new purchase order software, increased creditor controls, clearer membership engagement, enhanced contractor control, implementation of WH&S policy, renewed support of the elite sailing academy and athlete development whilst rebuilding relationships with external stakeholders. The FSC has an amazing work-force and we feel privileged to have worked with some incredible people - evidenced by raising in-excess of $130K in sponsorship for the Fremantle to Bali race with tier 1 and tier 2 sponsors. We’ve not met a more dedicated admin, events, sailing and on-water team and wish them all well as they charter a renewed course.


National Zoo & Aquarium / Jamala Wildlife Lodge

The National Zoo & Aquarium is a 19 hectare facility based in Canberra. Added to the zoo is the 5-star Jamala wildlife lodge comprising an African styled restaurant and 18 bungalows spread through the facility. These bungalows allow guests to stay overnight and immerse themselves alongside the likes of lions, tigers and giraffes. The Zoo is a complex organisation with a myriad of divisions - restaurants, veterinary, gift shops, maintenance, multiple membership layers and bistros. Our role was to reduce ballooning costs and develop new processes to ensure the operation was more efficient. Key to this were big ticket items like instilling purchasing disciplines across sectors, reduced electricity costs, water pollution, water loss and out of control water consumption expenses. We placed over 1500 products on the ORDERBOOM platform saving thousands of dollars. We hired ANU graduates to tackle water pollution and refined a raft of systems from merchandise to charity strategies. We also started the planning process and went to tender for a 500kW solar grid comprising both modulate ground based solar panels and associated car-park infrastructure. We admit we had a good crack at the Zoo but ultimately failed. Change management does not work when you have an intrenched management culture that refuses to support change and is impossible to crack. We chose to walk away from what was an amazing experience and organisation with an exceptional team of dedicated on-ground staff.


School Support Limited - New Zealand

In 2016 SMEA CEO Dean Logan was engaged as the CEO (Contract) for School Support Limited in New Zealand. For two years he rebuilt one of New Zealand’s most respected companies with the six divisions: Accounting | Project Management | Architectural Design | Payroll | Strategic Asset Management | Transport. SSL had a partnership with the NZ Government GBE EPL - between the pair they paid every NZ school teacher fortnightly whilst addressing kiwi saver, annual leave entitlements etc. SSL maintained the emergency services infrastructure contract for the entire South Island whilst delivering all public education transport. SSL also had over 400 accounting clients and project managed between 20-50M worth of projects daily. We successfully rebuilt SSL and handed the reins over to a new CEO.

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