Our focus is on SMEs and the development and promotion of policies that support innovation and investment in Australian manufacturing. We know all too well that when SMEs stop manufacturing we lose not only economic income, but human knowledge and intellectual capacity. We appreciate some manufacturing elements are more cost-effective delivered overseas, where wages and the cost of production are lower. We are however an innovative and smart country and we know how to manufacture. So let’s get on with the job and support all those SMEs who are investing and committing daily.


SMEs and Manufacturing

The beauty of manufacturing is that when you have one large manufacturer they need support and components so sustain dozens if not hundreds of SMEs. What does that look like and where do we sit today? CLICK


The Variety

Often when we think of manufacturing we think of cars, steel and big ticket items. Manufacturing though is so much more diverse. Let’s take a peak at the underbelly of manufacturing driven by SMES. CLICK


A History Lesson

Boat building is a dying art and yet one of the purest forms of manufacturing. Boat building has a rich history and we want to see these skills and knowledge transferred to future generations. We’d like to see more investment in small cottage based forms of manufacturing, because we know that when you invest in the small things today, big things sprout into the future. CLICK