Wow what a difficult and complex history that surrounds forestry in Australia. The irony of it all - especially the debate over native forests way back in the 1970’s - is that the best custodians of the forests were those policy makers drove out of business. When you look at small country towns who relied heavily on forestry many today struggle. The multiplier effect of forestry to SMEs in terms of social capital and economics is huge. We know this because when we took forestry out of the towns the ramifications were catastrophic. Come on a journey with us that I doubt many have taken you on before.


Forestry - lets start at the beginning.

The irony of the policy debate in Australia when it comes to forestry is that the destruction of native forests actually increased as a result of the environmental debate. But why?


Wern’t plantations meant to solve the problem?

With all the angst around the harvesting of native timber, plantations were placed on the policy table as the solution. We would now cut down plantation timber not native forests and we could all go to the pub - job done? Nope. The 2020 Plantation Timber strategy was a mess in terms of both design and implementation and it failed to address the engine drivers of small country towns - SMEs.