Executive Mentoring

For the past 16 years we’ve worked along side some amazing national / global brands, sporting teams and businesses delivering exceptional outcomes. Unlike large consulting firms we pride ourselves on being innovative, niche and responsive. We don’t use all the modern jargon, but we do understand what it means to own a small business and what it takes emotionally to run a large company with a substantial balance sheet.


We know from experience that 90% of SME owners, coaches and executives have the answers to the future direction of their company, teams, business and ultimately their own leadership journey - they just get caught up with the every day ‘stuff’, so find it difficult to secure the necessary clarity they desperately crave as leaders. This cohort especially, make two fundamental mistakes: 1. They are so busy directing others that they forget how important it is to seek advice for their own success let alone their own mental health, and 2. When they do reach out, they often secure support from the wrong sources.


We find it hard using the words ‘mentor’ and ‘coach’ because the terms have been somewhat over-used in the corporate environment over the past decade. However, as professionals in our own right - coaching olympic and national teams, running large companies or growing small businesses - the words ‘mentor’ and ‘coach’ still have a very real and valuable meaning.

That’s why we feel it is crucial for us to tailor our service to meet your needs and goals. Let’s be honest: we love giving back and a key to our overall success working with you, is our ability to adapt to your schedule, pressures and restraints.

So what are some of our values as a team:

  • The key to success is to stop making excuses. We are all extremely busy, but we find the time for the things we deem important. Therefore our challenge to you is to explore the intrinsic value of having someone - a mentor, executive coach - give back to you on a regular basis. When you do, you’ll soon find the time. It’s so rewarding and we know it will take you to levels you thought not possible.

  • Honestly, as much as you love and value your girlfriends, they shouldn’t be your strategic business advisors. A real key to our model is to teach you to separate your business environment from your social scene, in return for frank, fearless and independent advice and support.

  • There is so much more to being successful than making money or controlling a complex P&L. Money should never determine success. In our view, if you focus on: quality service delivery; investing in people; dedication; integrity, and; those one-percenters we talk about with elite athletes, then the money will come.

  • It makes no sense barking orders when you yourself are not being held accountable. That’s why each member of our team is themselves accountable to a mentor or coach.

It’s your canvas

It takes various techniques to develop a beautiful painting - that is why we don’t subscribe to the theory that one person has all the answers. We simply don’t and no one can. Under our model you secure an executive coach dedicated to you, but if you require specialist advice, then we ensure you get it.

It’s not about volume

As an executive mentor we can’t effectively help you navigate the complexity in your life if we ourselves are frantically pushed to the limit. It’s therefore crucial that as mentors when we commit to you, we deliver. That’s why we have internal systems that hold each other accountable.


Small Business

We get small and medium business and know we can and should transfer a lot of high end strategy to how you do what you do at the SME level.

Elite Sports / Coaching

We have internally Olympic, national and elite coaches dedicated to support you independently from your sport, bureaucracy and immediate circle.


If you work in a highly stressed corporate environment it’s crucial to have an independent mentor who you can de-brief with on a regular basis.


Business is global so we work global and yes we do travel. Time differences are never a hurdle and with modern communication it’s never been easier to deliver an outstanding service.


We like to deal with pricing up-front. There are two options: 1. Hourly rate, or; 2. Monthly rate (discount).

SME Owners: Hourly rate $80p/hr or 4 defined one-hour sessions a month for $300.

Corporate | Executives | Coaches: $140p/hr or 4 defined one-hour sessions a month for $520.

Global Executive: Agreed based on location and expectations up front.

Travel: A majority of our executive coaching is done externally by telephone, skype etc. If you engage us for six months or more we travel to you at least once in that time.

Psychometric testing: After a three month full-time engagement with us we’ll ask you to complete a psychometric test that we pay for. We do it at three months because the finding make more sense then and you’ve committed to us.



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