We’ve developed a Chamber that’s global in reach and yet dedicated only to hard working small and medium sized businesses.

Our approach is really quite unique. The SME Global Chamber takes innovative ideas and hard-work and showcases these on the national and global stage, but what sets us apart is that we hunt the opportunities for you. We take your lead and open markets in a way no one else does. With the support of the entire SMEA family and partners, our goal is to commercialise our relationship with you, not through cocktail parties and pitches, but through securing direct opportunities and partnerships that lead to your business growth.

If you are a SME or business with a great idea, want to expand, interested in securing new partners, or on the flip side want to invest in innovation, you’ve found your home.

Global Footprint

With offices in Australia, USA, London, Toronto and New Zealand we are in an exceptional position to deliver and we’ve already started. Our Chamber is exciting and the rewards are significant. Most importantly, there are no expensive conferences to attend or bureaucratic processes to jump through. Interested? Want to know our back-story? We’ll we’d love to tell you more.


We know SMEs find the investment space tiresome and somewhat complex. We’ve been in this game a while and have refined the model to take away all the headaches for both investors and SMEs.

Our model is really quite simple: we have a growing list of sophisticated investors and institutions looking for great innovative ideas. We ensure the SME is ready for the investment market and we strategic work with investors to secure you the funds. We have a structured process so email us for more information.


Level 33, Australia Square, 264 George St Sydney 2000 Australia

Email: | Ph: 61 283 104 366

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Suite 704, 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Email: | Ph:(646) 893-6067

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Market Access and Trade Advice

We’ve been opening markets for SMEs globally for nearly 16 years. The key to success is to go in with your eyes open and ensure you’ve done all your homework prior to jumping on a plane. If you need support opening up a market, require some analysis or would like us to open some key doors for you drop us an email.

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