Our Offering

We hope you appreciate already that SMEA offers flexibility in terms of how we support businesses. The below can be tailored to suit you, just ask us how.

Full Change Management Service

We can work directly with the owner of the business, CEO and their senior leadership team, or go through the Board in terms of seeking strategic direction. It's ultimately your decision. What's important to note is that when you engage SMEA you secure access to our entire team as well as our preferred partnership base. The entire process is of course guided by a senior SMEA Manager who you deal directly with.

Specialist Advice

Often a specific issue arises and you need immediate support. Given the flexibility of our model and extensive reach, we can jump into action almost immediately by securing you the specific advice you need. We don’t need to control everything, nor do we hang around any longer than is necessary milking consulting fees. As we’ve said, there isn’t a consultant anywhere in the world that specialises in every aspect and frankly, specialist advice generally requires someone who is licensed in that field. So if you need specialist advice and it means we just project manage the process, then great, just ask.

We when say we tailoring our change management model to suit you, we mean it.

The Board Room

From experience a significant number of SMEs actually don’t need a full-time 'consultant'. Let’s be honest every consultant is a guru, but it’s a poor solution for many SMEs. That is why a large percentage of consultants don’t maintain clients over the long-term. Retention is a real issue and the relationship often goes south because it becomes boring or the consultant loses the edge.

In our view a really great solution for a number of SMEs is the establishment of a non-advisory panel (board). It sounds scary but it’s actually not at all.

Our idea is that the ‘board’ is made up of individuals we hand pick with you. They each have a unique skill set that compliments your business and strategic direction. Members come and go as we need them to. It’s a very functional and mature solution and the way we structure it, it ends up costing you the same amount as if you had a single consultant on a monthly retainer. With us you secure many great minds, for the price of one. Please EMAIL us to find out more.

Peer / Executive Coaching

We get it. Executive business coaching has been done to death. It really has. But look (Dean Logan , CEO SMEA is writing this) I’ve run some significant companies and found that being a CEO or business owner, can be the loneliest place on earth. For me it goes like this: “…my partner doesn’t understand and I don’t want a mentor who just barks ‘wisdom’. Mates are great for a bitching session but ultimately they don’t help. I desperately need an executive mentor but someone I can call, run an idea by and that’s it. I don’t want a DNM every time we chat - I just need some god damn advice.“

So we created our own solution. You choose your executive coach from our team, agree on the rules and pay a small monthly retainer. Between you, you set the rules and away you go. We deliver exactly the advice you need, how and when you want it. Simple, effective and it works.