Sometimes all you need is a chat.

Over the past 14 years I've started, grown and been in charge of some large and complex companies in both Australia and overseas. I've developed opportunities all over the world, built and sold very good businesses. But if I look back and I'm honest with myself, 90% of the time I was lonely - even as a CEO. I desperately wanted a business / corporate mentor, but couldn't find one and life coaching wasn't my 'thing'. No one had the time to mentor me - they were always too busy - and when they did allocate time for 'me', I often spent 40 minutes listening to their life story. 

I have no doubt if I had a solid and committed mentor 14 years ago, at the age of 32, I would have made very different decisions and achieved so much more in business. So instead of complaining I set-up SMEA, grew it and sold our successful business insurance arm in 2016 and headed overseas. I'm back with SMEA and with a renewed passion for SMEs.

The need to mentor business owners and leaders is greater now than at any other time. We are experiencing major changes to how we do business - more so than in the last 70 years. We either adapt and overcome or we fail. Don't make the mistake I made. Don't do it alone. And don't kid yourself, family and friends are not the solution and I'm sorry, you don't have all the answers (haha).

Lastly, I get a hard time from friends because I watch shows like The Voice. Sure I love music, but I don't watch for just that reason. I watch because I love seeing people dream, work hard, showcase their talent, fail and get back up and then succeed. That's why I'm committed to mentoring business owners, general managers, leaders and anyone who needs support in the business world. Yes I set boundaries and it's structured - it has to be. But once I'm committed to you, frankly, you can call me at 2am for all I care - I'm in and I'm on this journey with you. It's extremely cheap to have a dedicated business mentor, but the benefits of doing so are immeasurable. So the only question remaining is - what's stopping you!? (let me make it easy - :-)